Wednesday, March 4 8/7c The Walking Dead The Walking Dead

8/7c - INMATES: The group encounters many obstacles in their quest to find stability and safety, but sometimes all they have to guide them is hope.

9/8c - CLAIMED: Just when Rick thinks he's going to be able to relax, he's faced with multiple immediate threats. Other members of the group deal with their past.

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Thursday, March 5 8/7c The Mentalist The Mentalist

8/7c - RED LETTER: Sparks begin to fly when Patrick Jane and psychic Kristina Frye cross paths again during an investigation into the murder of a charismatic head of a human rights organization.

9/8c - RED SKY IN THE MORNING: A murder by a Red John copycat puts Patrick Jane and his psychic friend in danger with the real Red John on the second season finale cliffhanger.

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Friday, March 6 8/7c Bones Bones

8/7c - THE TITAN ON THE TRACKS: Brennan and Booth investigate the site of a train derailment that includes the bodies of a senator and a high-profile businessman.

9/8c - THE MOTHER AND CHILD IN THE BAY: The remains of a pregnant woman are found in the Delaware Bay, and are likely that of Carlie Richardson, a highly publicized case.

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