Thursday, October 30 8/7c The Mentalist The Mentalist

8/7c - FLAME RED: Patrick Jane suspects the only surviving member of a National Guard unit of murdering his friends - and goes undercover to prove it.

9/8c - RED BRICK AND IVY: Patrick Jane takes a personal interest in the case of a poisoned professor when the lead suspect is the victim's wife - and Jane's former psychiatrist.

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Friday, October 31 8/7c Bones Bones

8/7c - GAMER IN THE GREASE: The remains of a competitive gamer, the only gamer to have ever gotten a perfect score on a famous video game, are discovered in a grease truck.

9/8c - GOOP ON THE GIRL: When a man dressed as Santa Claus blows himself up during a botched bank robbery, Brennan and Booth work to identify the bomber and determine his motives.

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Monday, November 3 8/7c Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

8/7c - STARVED: Benson and Stabler investigate a possible serial rapist when three successful, attractive 30-something females all report similar assaults. The suspect in the case, a former doctor whose license was revoked for sleeping with patients.

9/8c - STORM: Three young girls enjoying a ride on a playground carousel suddenly jump off and flee from what appears to be their father, but when Tasha, the eldest, is struck by a car, the presumed guardian takes the youngest child and runs.

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